Fireblanket, the innovative fire blanket

The new Fireblanket fire blanket is extremely easy to use and fits into every kitchen due to its design. A starting fire will no longer get out of control: extinguish it quickly, easily, and more importantly, safely using the Fireblanket fire blanket.

Everyone can use the Fireblanket fire blanket: simply pull the two large handles which are clearly visible and the fire blanket will open. Now the fire blanket is immediately ready for use and in the correct position to extinguish the fire. Your hands are optimally protected due to the position of the handles. Moreover, the large size of the blanket (1.1 x 1.3 m) optimally protects you from the seat of the fire. Read more about the advantages

The Fireblanket fire blanket can be used everywhere. The fire blanket can also be opened quickly and without any problems at a campsite or at a barbecue. The bracket that is supplied enables you to mount the Fireblanket fire blanket to the wall. However, this is not necessary in order to use it.

Fireblanket for consumers and companies

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