Firmly grip both handles of the fire blanket. Pull the handles outwards.
Gently place the fire blanket over the seat of the fire.
Switch off the gas or the electricity. Do not move the blanket until the pan has cooled down.

How to use the Fireblanket


Bevestiging van FireblanketThe Fireblanket fire blanket can easily be mounted on the bracket that is supplied. Insert a screw of the correct size into the wall, hook on the bracket with the rear side behind the screw head and tighten the screw. The Fireblanket should preferably be mounted in a clearly visible location that has easy access in the kitchen, even though this is not strictly necessary in order for it to work correctly.


Onderhoud FireblanketCheck the blanket annually by carefully opening the housing. If it is damaged or dirty, replace it. Don't remove the blanket to check it.

Can the fire blanket be refolded? Yes, that’s possible

You can easily fold the Fireblanket yourself.
Click here to download the folding instructions (pdf)