Product information

Product information Fireblanket

Two years of research has resulted in a completely new concept in fire blankets: the Fireblanket. The Fireblanket has been developed with the expert input from various firefighters and trainers of company first-aid staff. The usability has also been extensively tested several times. The innovative way to operate it is patented.

SnelFast: the Fireblanket is extremely easy and fast to use. Simply pull the two robust handles which are clearly visible and the fire blanket automatically exits the shell packaging. After it has been opened, the user immediately has firm control of the Fireblanket and no further complicated actions are necessary. The Fireblanket is immediately ready for use, so any starting fire can be quickly extinguished.

VeiligSafe: the handles are positioned on the blanket in such a way that the user stands safely behind the blanket and the hands are optimally protected. Thanks to the size of the fire blanket (110 x 130cm) the flames cannot reach you from underneath, thus providing a larger protection area than many standard fire blankets.

Overal bruikbaarEverywhere: you can use the Fireblanket everywhere. It is also extremely suitable for use at a camping site, a barbecue or in the office. You do not have to remove the fire blanket from a cover or plastic tube: simply pull the two handles and the fire blanket automatically exits the packaging. The plastic bracket that is supplied enables you to mount the Fireblanket fire blanket to the wall. However, this is not necessary in order to use it.



The designers from Panton design studio submitted the design for the Fireblanket. The designers managed to create a beautiful and well-balanced product, thanks to their excellent knowhow in terms of design and focus on safety and user-friendliness. The Fireblanket fire blanket has won the 2008 Design Award.


The Fireblanket fire blanket has been tested by the British certification institute BRE Global. The product met all clauses of the stringent BS EN 1869:1997 standard.